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New Version Numbering System!

Beginning with the latest release of DataSplice, the version numbering system has changed. The new system will use just the number before the decimal to reference the version of DataSplice you are using. So, the latest version of DataSplice is referred to simply as DataSplice 5. The new system will better position DataSplice for future releases and will help provide better support to our clients.

Okay, got it


New to DataSplice? Read this overview of DataSplice and how each component relates to another.

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Read this guide to install the DataSplice server on a network. You will learn how to configure DataSplice to connect to your enterprise and consume its data and security accounts.

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Overseeing a DataSplice implementation? Read this guide to understand the DataSplice Administration client.

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User Guide

Using DataSplice? Read this guide to understand the user interface and preconfigured Maximo-based views of the DataSplice client.

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Configuring DataSplice? This reference guide includes attributes, expressions, functions, and other configuration settings available in DataSplice.

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What's New?

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About DataSplice

DataSplice, LLC email:
414 E. Oak St. toll free: 800-377-1974
Fort Collins, CO | USA local: +1-970-484-0841
80524 fax: +1-970-484-0965




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